Templates Tutorial (premium & elite accounts only)

This tutorial will show you how to use templates to customize the messages sent by the Feed Reader Bot.

First, click on the "add new template "link:

Type a name for the template, and the content:

Here, I want the messages formatted this way:
- Feed's title in bold (using the <b></b> HTML tags)
- Break line
- The item's title as a clickable link (using the item's URL)
- The item's content
- Break line
- a static text "-- sent by the Feed Reader Bot! --"

Save the template, and test it to see if it is well-formatted: click on the "Send test message" link, and you should receive a test message in Telegram:

You can see that the bot variables, like %FEED_TITLE%, %ITEM_CONTENT% etc. have been replaced with their matching values.
Now, you can apply this template to a feed:

Again, check all is fine by clicking on the "Send test message" link:


If you have any trouble, please contact jcmag ;)

Templates settings

Here are all the settings you can change in the templates:

For the template's content, you can use:

- HTML tags:
<a href="http://www.example.com/">inline URL</a>
<code>inline fixed-width code</code>

Important: HTML tags could NOT be nested. You can't do that for example: <a href="http://www.example.com/"><b>bold</b></a>

- Bot variables:
%FEED_TITLE% Title of the feed
%FEED_URL% URL of the feed
%ITEM_URL% URL of the feed's item
%ITEM_TITLE% Title of the feed's item (not available for Facebook/Twitter feeds)
%ITEM_CONTENT% Content of the feed's item
%ITEM_CONTENT_WITHOUT_IMAGE_LINKS% Content of the feed's item, without image links (see here for an example of image links)
%ITEM_CONTENT_WITHOUT_LINKS% Content of the feed's item, without any links
%ITEM_CONTENT_IF_NO_LINK% Display the item content only if it doesn't contain links
%CHANNEL% Name of the channel (or user)
%AUTHOR% Author of the post or tweet
%PUBLISH_DATE_TIME% Publication date & time (format: dd MMM yyyy HH:mm)
%PUBLISH_DATE% Publication date (format: dd MMM yyyy)
You can also limit the length of the content by using this syntax: %ITEM_CONTENT_200% (here the content will be limited to the first 200 characters); or: %ITEM_CONTENT_WITHOUT_IMAGE_LINKS_200%, or: %ITEM_CONTENT_WITHOUT_LINKS_200%

Advanced settings

- "Replacement" section:
To replace or remove some text found in messages. Use this syntax: textToReplace|replacementText


Each replacement is on a line. In this example:
- first line will replace "Hi" with "Hello"
- second line will remove all @usernames
- third line will remove all #hashtags
(the syntax used is the one of c# regular expressions: regex tester)

- "Exclude" section:
Put a word or sentence on each line:


Here, all messages that contain "sentence1" or "sentence2" won't be sent.
To only send messages that contain SomeWords, use this syntax: ^(?!.*SomeWords).*$

- "Vote buttons" section:
Put the list of emoticons (without space) you want the bot to send with each message:


- "Custom button" section:
To add a button under each post. You can specify the title and the URL (optional, default=the post's URL) (use # to define multiple buttons):